Arend & Ducap – Rust is…

21 december 2007

Arend & Ducap are two members of the hip-hopcrew C-Squad ( who decided to record a cd titled “Rust is…”. Arend is the lyricist who provides the truth, packed in smooth and easy to the ear lyrics. The language is his mother tongue, Dutch. Ducap brings you the warm, home-baked beats with scratches on top. The objective was to create a cd about one theme, ‘peace’. The numbers are mixed together by the one and only dj Ducap. This gives the cd an appearance of one sound journey. So sit back, relaxed and enjoy the wisdom and passion throughout the musical sensation of smooth melodic rhythms and soulful notes.

The album is finished! So for you the change to buy the cd and hear all the songs you can hear/heared on myspace and more! Over and over again! If you’re interested, send us a comment/mail or just approach us when you see us. The album (cd shape) costs nothing more than 4 euro!! (+ costs of sending if necessary)You can also buy it on tape. This will cost you 6 euro (+ costs of sending if necessary).


I also want to take this oppertunity to thank everyone who co-operated with this project and made the album into what it is. It would only be fair to mention the one that provided me with phenomenal beats and committed himself to spend more time and energy in the project than he could afford first. The one and only dj Ducap. I also want to thank my friends who used their gifts to complete this album even more with their guest appearances. Isabelle for her beautiful voice, Hansiman from Undefined for his passion on guitar, Alejandro from Undefined for the soulful roots piano, O’bey from C-Squad for his everlasting breath of melodic sounds on his saxophone and Dead Seriouz from Bloombury Productions for his perfectionism which shines through in his sound engineering.

Besides the making of the cd there is also a lot of effort put into the artwork which gives the visualization of the feeling of the album. All praise goes to the creativity and skills of O’bey from C-Squad for designing the album cover and stickers, Bart for his inspirational photo’s. He considers himself an amature, I see his pictures as masterpieces, and Jake for designing the t-shirts (coming soon). 

You can check some of these people on myspace.