Chief – Preparee van de Chef

Gratis download! – Aa Tanne opperhoofd Chief dropt zijn Preparee van de Chef als gratis download. Willebroek is my hometown : a small industrial place where for decades everything seemed the same, and nothing worthwhile mentioning happened in music. Recently things started to change and now we’ve got even our own hip hop band in our local dialect. Yesterday I went to one of their gigs and I must say I was impressed. Good hip hop is spontaneous and has its roots on the streets, and that’s exactly where Aa Tanne comes from and gets its inspiration. Fat beats, breakdance, room for improvisation, several guest MC’s and involving very young people (who already did an excellent job) made it a memorable gig. The music went straight to my belly and for once I didn’t feel a musical alien in my town. Aa Tanne is Willebroek, but definitely has the potential to become appreciated elsewhere too.

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