Beat Session in Leuven

6 maart 2009

Op 26 maart organiseert Hiphopcafe 4 Elementz een eerste Beat session in Vleugel f te Leuven. Volgende beatmakers en producers hebben hun komst reeds bevestigd: Infinitskills, Dyno, Gusto Producto, 40 Winks, Billy Palmier, … The concept is simple: we’re inviting beatmakers to come and do their thing in front of a live audience. We’ll provide a sample and after an hour or two the beatmakers have to present their result. Present, because the focus of the night is NOT on the result but on HOW it became something. So we would like to know HOW they flipped the sample, HOw they always get started…  Kind of like an open session where people are allowed to ask questions and look into the mostly closed producer minds.

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